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        Trusted Online Casino in Malaysia (2021)

        When it comes to the most trusted online casino Malaysia in 2021, S9WINMY is one name that instantly comes to mind.

        It is popular for providing the best Malaysia online casino services along with great betting services to gamblers. What can be more exciting for you than actually having to enjoy online gambling in Malaysia? With S9WINMY, as a new player, you are instantly pulled inside the game, leaving everything else far behind.

        No matter what we tell you about the online casino services that S9WINMY has to offer, until or unless you experience them yourself, you cannot ever know what we are talking about. If you genuinely want an experience of online gambling in Malaysia then you know where to look for. This is the year 2021 and building trust amongst our valued customers is the most important thing for us.

        We have a variety of online casino games that you can pick and choose from. Some of the most popular games include Blackjack, Live Baccarat and Roulette. All of these games are played via having a live dealer who you can watch on a video. Other games include but are not limited to Poker, Sic Bo and Dragon Tiger.

        Gambling with Real Money

        You can play all the online games you want but if you are not winning real money in the end, you are not enjoying real gambling.

        Contrary to popular belief, when you are playing online casino games, winning prizes in the form of money and getting huge bonuses are not the only motivation for new players. There are other reasons also that online players can benefit from.

        Here they are:

        Variety of Games

        Everyone knows that there is a variety of games in which real money is involved when it comes to online casino games. The reason for this is that people who develop these games are more inclined towards making sure that they give you the best in the form of real money games.

        Malaysia Casino Promotions

        When you are playing with money, you automatically get a chance to try your luck out for amazing bonuses and other promotional offers. It might seem like a win when you want to secure your place in a game. There is also a special welcome bonus awaiting people who gamble with real money online.

        Special Schemes

        If you are a frequent player, chances are that you are already on the list of loyal customers and in for some amazing schemes. You can keep a lookout for such deals if you are affiliated with a particular Malaysia online casino for too long. After all, it is always nice to receive casino bonuses from the most trusted online casino in Malaysia.

        Live Casino Dealers

        If you are someone who is playing with money then you automatically get a chance to pick a live dealer for the online game that you have chosen to play. Those who enjoy the actual atmosphere of a casino can make the most of this live dealer feature. The best part is that you get to play with a live dealer by sitting at the convenience of your home.

        Security Measures

        One thing that is a top priority for us is providing our players and customers with a safe and secure environment. It is one of the key features of an online casino.

        We want to provide our customers with an online gambling environment where they feel that their privacy is not being invaded in any way whatsoever. Whatever games that we have to offer, are provided by making sure that they do not cause any harm to the players involved.

        We understand that with the advancement in technology and so much growth in the number of scams online, it has become really hard to differentiate between who is genuine and who is not.

        Over time, there have been a lot of ways through which the protection of players can be guaranteed. The one prominent feature is that you can get a license from a reputable gambling authority as proof to secure encryption to be able to protect a customer's privacy.

        Online Casino Malaysia for Android

        There are a huge number of people out there who have chosen to play online. However, these people have preferred playing on their mobile phones rather than playing on the computer. 

        There is an obvious reason for doing so which is the convenience of playing on a user-friendly interface (online casino Malaysia for Android) and the ease that it provides the customers.

        For the same reason, you need to make sure that you have a user-friendly mobile interface to offer to players online. This will give the users an option to pick and choose according to their preference and convenience.

        Apart from the above features, the interface should be quick and interactive. This will enable responsiveness of the interface and how the Malaysia online casino for Android or iOS to be on the phone as compared to the desktop.

        Is Gambling Legally Allowed in Malaysia?

        If you are wondering about the legal repercussions of gambling in Malaysia and want to understand the structure better before actually getting into the game, then you should know one thing for sure which is that there is no harm in gambling online in Malaysia.

        If we talk about Malaysia specifically, you must understand that the Malaysian legislation does not see eye to eye with gambling. Almost 60% of the Malaysian population follows Sharia Law. This should not be a surprise considering that the majority of the population is Muslim in the country. According to the Malaysian Common Gaming Act, 1953 operating and patronizing any form of gambling in the country is an offence that is punishable with prison for 6 years.

        However, if we talk about the rest of the 40% non-Muslim population residing in Malaysia then you should know that they do not abide by this legislation. Someone somewhere is playing online and gambling in some way or the other.

        To judge if gambling is done legally or not, the entire act is considered. There are casinos like UKGC, Gibraltar Authority and MGA that have their licenses and have been exempted from the rule of law. Just want to give a piece of advice to Muslims in Malaysia: do not gamble and stay away from unwanted trouble.

        Online Slots

        Slots are the best choice for online casino gamblers.

        It is all about luck when it comes to slots such as Mega888. People usually take some time before they become pro at the game. So, you should give yourself sometime before getting into it.

        How Does it Work?

        To be able to play slots, you need to get a hang of spinning the reel so that you can easily match them up with the symbols to win.

        How Does Progressive Jackpot Work?

        To understand how a progressive jackpot works, you need to know that it builds over time. You get a huge amount of money as a prize if you win though.

        How to Win Money Through Online Slots?

        When we said slots are a game of luck, we meant it. However, if you get good at the game which you will with time, you can win a good amount of money.

        How to Pick a Slot Machine to Win?

        If you want to know the trick of winning at a progressive jackpot, you need to look for a small one.

        Some Important Tips and Tricks to Remember

        Here are some useful tricks to help you ace the progressive jackpot slots online:

        Small jackpots
        If you think the big jackpots will make you win, you are falling into the trap. To win big, you need to opt for small jackpots.

        Try out the classics
        Trying out new games is fun but, never forget the classics. If you keep on track with the classics, you would have better chances of winning.

        Safe sites
        Never opt for shady online casino websites.

        Who does not like bonus rounds? Keep a lookout for bonus spins to make the game more fun for you.

        Popular Games

        Some of the most popular games in Malaysia are Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Scratch Cards.


        The most popular game in the online casino in Malaysia is Blackjack. Till day, it is preferred by many all around the world. You can play the game with one, two, four, six, or eight decks of cards.

        Here are some important Blackjack winning tips:

        Managing the Bankroll

        There is one rule in the book that you need to remember which is how to manage a bankroll. If you cannot afford to lose, do not bet. Yes, you read that correctly.


        You need to know some of the most popular strategies of playing Blackjack to become a pro at the game. Make sure you know the basics first before you move ahead with the advanced levels.

        Do Not Make Huge Wagers

        If you are someone who likes making huge wagers in one go, know that you are a reckless player who does not understand the consequences of losing everything at once. Be responsible and understand the repercussions.

        Consider Counting the Cards

        You need to make sure you practice well and understand the game to grasp this trick in the book.


        Roulette is the spin and win kind of game. Money is put at stake on a number which is considered lucky of winning for you.

        When you are playing the game online, an automated dealer spins the wheel for you. You can easily see the small ball that spins with the virtual wheel.

        In our Malaysia online casino, you can choose whatever number you like and then spin the wheel. If the automated spinning wheel stops at the particular number that you chose, you will win the money. The amount of money, however, will completely depend on the bet type of your game.

        How to Win a Game of Roulette?

        When you are playing Roulette, most of your chances of winning the game depend on your luck.

        However, since it is a game, you can always master the art of winning it by learning a few tricks here and there. You need to be mindful of the rules and you should be good to go. Over time, the art of mastering this game has changed. The rules have also changed with many variations now.

        How to Win Money with Roulette?

        You can win real money with Roulette if you get familiar with the game and understand it. This is one of the most popular casino games after Blackjack.

        Some important tips to help you win Roulette

        Here are a few tried and tested tips to remember when playing Roulette:

        Know the Variants

        With so much advancement in online games, there are so many different variants of the same game available. You need to be mindful of the variants before starting to play Roulette.

        Know the Odds

        As simple as it might seem, this is one game that is also quirky. Once you get a hang of the game, you will realize that it is not as easy as it might seem on the face of it.

        Manage the Money

        One of the best pieces of advice that you are ever going to get with regards to playing Roulette is how to effectively manage your money. You need to be mindful of how much you can afford to bet and what are your odds of winning the bet.

        Choose Multiple Bets

        When you play outside bets, you get a better chance of winning and receiving a payout. Do not worry if the amount is not too much. At least, you will get something from the outside bet which is better than nothing. Start with simple bets. Once you get good at the game, you can then start moving towards more complex bets, aiming at higher prices.

        Live Casino

        The thing about Malaysia live casinos is that you get the chance of playing with live casino dealers.

        This way you get the sense of playing in a real casino without physically being there. You get to interact with everyone at the table through a live streaming video.

        In a live casino setup, you get a thrilling opportunity of playing the game while being at the convenience of your home. You also get the perks of online bonuses to enjoy your game even more. Do not worry about security when you are playing on websites that are developed by developers like Micro gaming and Evolution.

        How to Choose a Live Casino Game Online?

        With the advancement of technology and more people showing interest in playing online casino games in Malaysia, you must realize that not all trusted online casinos in Malaysia will serve you alike.

        You need to do your research and find out more before signing up.

        Here is a list of key features to keep in mind before choosing a live casino in Malaysia:

        Games available

        You are going to an online casino website to play games and have a good time. This is, thus, the most important factor to think about when choosing a live dealer for you. Check out all the 2021 Malaysia online casino games that are available so that you know which ones to play.

        Software appearance

        You cannot just choose a live dealer without having to look at how the Malaysia online casino appears to you. At the end of the day, you are not physically present there and are playing the game online. This means that you need to check how the tables appear to you, what the background looks like, etc. when you start playing.

        Check on the bets

        You need to be mindful of the betting limit before you start online gambling in Malaysia. The betting range will of course vary from website to website. You need to make sure which one you can afford to play on and then get on to business.

        Device compatibility

        Another important thing to keep in mind is the interface of the website and if it supports your device or not. For example, online casino Malaysia for Android. You cannot play on your desktop all the time. There will be times when you would feel the urge to play on your phone. Check if the website is user-friendly enough to support your device or not.

        What Do Live Casinos Do?

        There is not much of a difference between an online casino and a live casino. The only major difference is that live casinos offer a live element to the online games to give you a better playing experience.

        What Games Will Be There?

        At live casinos, you will get a variety of table games to pick and choose from. With the usual ones like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker and others, there is an option to choose from live dealer games that keep getting added.

        Sports Betting

        In Malaysia, online betting websites are fast-gaining popularity.

        The main aim of these betting websites is to bet on football. The one motivating factor for people and players to turn to these betting websites is that there are not enough options for them in the market due to the rigid Sharia Laws in Malaysia.

        There are, however, some offshore sportsbooks that offer people a chance to bet on sports of their choice other than just football. Bets such as parlays, teasers, head-to-head bets, straight bets, money line bets, etc. can be easily placed on any of the online games that you wish to play.

        Betting Options Over the Phone

        If you are someone who is always out and about then there are betting options available via mobile phone that you should opt for.

        The truth is that no matter how much you want, you can never be sitting in front of a desktop, especially these days when everything is happening with the click of the fingertips. For example, Malaysia online casino for Android or Apple devices.

        With easy access on the phone, you just need to log in using your smartphone and get down playing!

        Sports You Can Easily Bet On

        One of the most popular betting sports amongst people living in Malaysia is football.

        Yes, you read that correctly. Be it The Super League, Premier League, Malaysia Cup or FA Cup, they all receive a great number of bets on them during the football season.

        Other popular betting leagues are the UEFA Champions League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and the FIFA World Cup, to name a few.

        Other than football, Malaysian’s are also known for betting on sports such as basketball, cricket, volleyball and badminton.

        Football and Other Leagues

        Malaysia has developed and found its love in sports through betting.

        Here is a list of some of the most popular sports leagues that people like betting on:

        As mentioned above, the one sport that Malaysians thoroughly enjoy betting on is football. If you do your research well, you would find that there is a list of the top football betting websites available. The English Premier League is a popular betting option amongst many.

        After football, the next most loved betting sport is hockey. However, some people might argue that they do not easily find the game listed on many betting websites. In such a case, you can always look up NHL leagues which are the most popular when it comes to hockey field betting.

        Apart from the popular sports, betting draws attention towards people who enjoy martial arts and boxing. There is no better way to enjoy a boxing match but to participate in it through betting on it. Try it someday and you would exactly know what we are talking about.

        If you enjoy watching or playing basketball then there is a high chance that you will also enjoy betting on the game. There are many chances for you to bet on during the basketball season in the form of the ASEAN League during which Malaysia shows active participation. Another way of participating can be done during Malaysia's NBA league.

        If there is one sport in which Malaysians have shown significant improvement and growth, it is rugby. The National Rugby Union has displayed remarkable strength during the past and made it an easy betting option for many people.

        Cricket is one sport that has been a part of Malaysia’s history since the country was part of the British colony. The country actively participates in the World Cup to give people a better opportunity to bet on.

        If you think that the above-mentioned sports are the only betting options available in Malaysia then you are mistaken.

        Popular betting websites have a variety of sports and games available that you can bet on. You just need to make your pick and start betting. Options such as NFL, Australian Football and Badminton betting are easily accessible.

        Different Betting Options Available on Online Websites

        Even when the country is surrounded by 60% of the Muslim majority and its strict Sharia Laws, there are sports betting options available for the 40% minority and anyone who wants to have a little fun in the country.

        The reasons are pretty simple which is there is not enough check and balance but that does not mean these ways of betting are illegal.

        Here is a list of bets available at Malaysian betting websites:

        • Single Bets
        • Double Bets
        • Triple Bets
        • Head-to-Head Bets
        • Over and Under Line Bets
        • Parlay Bets
        • Player Props Betting
        • Handicaps Betting
        • Margin Betting
        • Live Betting
        • Future Markets Betting

        How to Be More Responsible While Gambling?

        You can be the best gambler in the world but it will all go down the drain if you do not understand the gambling rules of the country you are in.

        To be more responsible when gambling in Malaysia here is what you can do:

        • Think of gambling as something that you are doing just for fun.
        • You should not mistake gambling as a means of earning money regularly.
        • You should keep a specific amount for gambling and stick to it, no matter how tempted you are to spend more.
        • The amount of money you are gambling with should not be the only money you have, in case you lose.
        • You should never gamble with real money if you cannot afford to lose.
        • Never gamble thinking that you will win the lost money again because there is no guarantee of that.
        • You should not drink alcohol while gambling to keep in your senses at all times.
        • You should know where to seek support in case you get in a weird situation while gambling.

        Best Online Casino in Malaysia - FAQ

        🎰 Where can I find the best Malaysian online casinos?

        S9WINMY is getting popularity among the Malaysia gamers as a trusted online casino in Malaysia. Take a look at how we established ourselves as the best gambling site in Malaysia.

        📱 Can I play online casino on my Android phone?

        Yes certainly, our user interface is well built as the best Malaysia online casino for Android.

        💰 What casino games are popular in Malaysia?

        Malaysian players enjoy live casino, sports betting, baccarat, poker and blackjack. Slot games such as Mega888 and Pussy888 are also popular.

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